My opinions about FIFA 16

  • I enjoyed this and I do agree about the following:
    1- FIFA Points are way to expensive but EA gets more money from them than actually selling the FIFA 15 game so I don't think they'll ever lower the price of them.


    2- Yes, To buy Fifa 16 coins on the outside is way cheaper and funner because you can either spend all of it on packs and hope RNGesus blesses you with Messi or Ronaldo or you can go straight to your favorite player and just buy him and an awesome team to play around him.


    3- I do not approve the purchase of coins on the outside as the game was not intended to be that way. This takes the fun out of people who play the game on a legit way because we are now struggling to buy good players because of the inflation of the market.



    4- Looking at what 5 million coins of packs turned out to is complete bullshit. The amount of "rare" stupid cards is unbelievable. A russian league player should not be a rare card. You get those fuckers every fucking single pack. A squad fitness card or any consumable card should not be rare, you get them so fucking often that it's pretty much stupid to call them "rare".


    5- I believe EA should totally redo the "rare" and "non rare" cards, but who are we kidding, they will never do this because this guarantees them that we will be spending our money on buying useless packs which then provokes all these people using autobuyers and glitching matches to enjoy the game around all this predetermined EA bullshit.


    I'm not native. But, i believe both are correct as english grammar is very different depending on the continent you currently reside at. My english is a mix of accents/dialects from being taught the american way in pre-school, then in UK way in college. Add in a sprinkle of Irish english for living in Ireland for 8 years and my Finnish accent and i don't even know what i'm talking about anymore.