FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

  • Definitely going to hop on Ultimate Team and get started on my squad. Only thing is, I just started playing FUT a couple months ago so I have no idea what it will be like starting from scratch at the time of Fifa 16 Cover. Do we expect the prices for players to be relatively high due to scarcity or pretty low because people haven't built up large stashes of coins yet? Not sure whether I should buy as much as I can early or save coins for later.


    nobody knows for sure with the new price ranges. Last year players were horrendously expensive and took me a while to get to NIF Pogba, NIF Tevez (both going for ~60k) and even longer to get to NIF Reus.
    This year I expect that this class of players will be much much easier to get at.


    First off coins don't transfer from game to game, everyone starts back at 0 each year. Not sure if you knew that yet. Secondly, players are typically more expensive right at first until the market gets saturated with them. I remember this year I did all the pre-release pack openings and got lucky and packed Gotze.. Sold him for like 45k.



    Wait for peoples' opinions on it. If World Class difficulty is still unplayable, Career Mode is still broken and FUT continues to be a piece of AIDS full of pace-abusing twats, then I might actually try PES this year


    I'm going to pray to the FIFA Gods that my loyalty packs will give me something good.
    Then I'm going to buy some FIFA points and hope for the best.
    Then I'm going to find something to complain about


    Play career mode, quickly notice how they dropped the ball on the gamemode, continue playing because I haven't bought PES yet, notice how the career mode is last years edition with a more "pretty" interface, quit and go play pro clubs - only to notice how it's been dropped too, quit it and go play Ultimate team and notice the large amount of coin buyers - play my first game (Cheap FUT 16 Coins) and notice how I am up against Ronaldo and standard pace teams - just like every Ultimate team since Fifa 13 (when I started playing). From here I ragequit and go to sleep around 14.00 for a few hours, then repeat with career mode with new hope.