Start A New Character at Level 1 for Act 10 - Path of Exile

  • I am guessing I'm in a minority group that doesn't mind the leveling process and don't really need an alternative way, but after leveling 11 characters since the introduction of 5-10 (around 5-6 per league to 90), I'm a lot happier compared to the old act 1-4 repeats. Of course, you can also speed up your character through the poe buy items.


    Everything feels too long to me. From Doedre (still sucks to fight despite knowing the mechanics, maybe my builds are just bad) to Clarissa quest to the split pathing and the overall length of areas, it's just hoooh please make it end.


    Maybe long isn't the right word. Act 8 feels extremely dense in terms of side areas and quests associated with them. It also happens to fall within the level area of "I've transitioned to my build" to "oh God dammit I can't transition until at least midway through Act 9 and I have to deal with this?"


    It's not as random as think.


    Crematorium: Always (or nearly always, I've never seen otherwise but maybe) spawns in the "top" of the map, so if ou try to head up-left as much as possible (sometimes with a curl down to the right first) you'll find it p quick.


    Sewer: first bust is right on path, up-right to find blockage, then down-right for second bust, third bust on the way to exit in top/top-right.


    Shipyard: Ok yeah it sucks.


    Lunaris (I assume that's what you mean): just head in one direction on the edge of the map, stairs spawn in the same direction repeatedly (If you mean the stairs to floor 2, just follow the carpet).


    Tower: Other poster has it right. Area can be a bit annoying, but just don't enter the perimeter rooms unless you see stairs and enemies indicate a lack of stairs.


    The only slogpoint I've found since the introduction of 5-10 has been the whole of Act 8.


    What about everyone else? Do you still hate leveling a new character with the additional acts?