FIFA 16 account discussions

  • I felt like posting this, to handle my emotions. Sorry for my bad english. I'm a gamer from Germany and since September I played FIFA Ultimate Team every Single day and i loved it. I spent more than 1.000 EUROS(!!!) for the Game and Fifa Points (not Coins!), but i loved it because I enjoyed the Game.


    Since 1. december my FUT Account is corrupt, nothing worked any longer and a new account had to be created by the customer support. I lost my experience Level, all my catalogue objects (I had a transferlist with 100 objects), all my time I had spent to build my team. The support told me that my coins and players will be transferred from the old to the new account, but if I get back my consumables they could not promise me.


    In such a case normally you only get your players and your coins back, consumables would not be transferred. I annotated that I had paid over 1000 EUROS to EA to get these consumables and that a corrupt account is not my fault, so I can expect that I will get ALL THE THINGS BACK I HAD PAID FOR. The supporter could not promise this to me, he only made a note in this case and sent a Email to the specialist team - they will manage the case. But when?



    You cannot contact them, the supporter even did not know where they work. Today I called the Support again, because nothing had be transferred yet and I wanted to know and I want to know how long this will take. In my opinion you should give a consumer an approximate period. No, they absulutely don't know it. Surely not under 12 days, the supporter estimated, but he really do not know it.


    I will have to wait.... I don't know, maybe I get my team and my coins back before christmas, when somebody in the specialist team feel like this, my consumables probably not (I had over 1000 gold contracts and over 500 gold fitness cards and i don't know what else...). Thank you EA for promising customer satisfaction and in the end you will not even get back what you deserve and what you had paid for. I hope nobody gets in the same troubles like me, it's funereal...


    This was my team, I had over 2 million cheap Fifa 16 coins, over 1000 contracts, oder 500 fitness cards and much more... When will I get back this and how long could this due?