I only devs know for real how it affects Albion

  • Firstly you do not have the numbers and neither do I only devs know for real how it affects the game and they will draw conclusion from that as they always do. I have to say I like it so far. Sure, sometimes you have to walk too much etc. but it makes guilds who are effective and can quickly gather a group and go shine over those who can't. Organisation skills are a bigger deal now, caravaning brings some PvP for sure, scouting is important now more than before, trading is most likely better (at least from some prices I've noticed when I was in green zones).

    Also we don't have yet direwolves seeded on albion online gold market or higher tier horses or even higher tier oxen that will make caravans much easier and therefore not so needed every day or so. I've heard on our discord how fun it is actually to make caravans, even though its tedious people like that excitement of not knowing if we make it or if we get zerged or what. Its dangerous, not just go to a dude in town and teleport. You can have easily PvP if you want some. It also makes people local and that is fun, was exciting almost to see some people from REIGN in town and I didn't know if they just roam around, scout markets or will be moving there. Or when a caravan of around 50+ people from Zera alliance came to Black Forrest? That was nice thing to see. Might we see it with fast travel too? I don't know.

    So, don't like walking? Buy a horse! Don't have AO Gold? Try trading, go kill mobs etc. Don't have time to do a big dungeon run? Go gather, do a small dungeon, craft something.

    Imo without fast travel we just need markets to stabilise and it will be just fine. And markets are already slowly getting there, at some places are there already. Plus with direwolves arriving sooner or later on the market we'll have a smaller world again in a way. Despite all this I think the screaming people will make SI put fast travel back in some form but as we don't have the numbers as I said on the start, they might not, depending on the numbers they will analyze.

    There is 100 percent NO CHALLENGE WHATSOEVER in this game currently, i could walk back and forth from safe city to my guilds territory 1000x in a row and gather nodes there and back 50 times and NEVER SEE ANOTHER PLAYER. There is NO CHANCE to be killed while out gathering what-so-ever. The challlange has been completely taken out of the game.

    ALL there is to do now is walk endlessly through the empty zones with no pvp and no fun what-so-ever.

    It doesn't make it more 'hardcore' or 'challenging' to have to go on 45 minute 1 way walks where you will almost never see another player.... it makes it boring and shitty.

    The fact that the ultimate carebear johnathan_silverblood is on YOUR side on this topic SAYS EVERYTHING.